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Invest today in your cybersecurity. Here is why

The cost of a breach is greater than the cost of protection.

With Proactive Security (Blue teaming), we can help you grow your business without the fear of data leakage.

Hire a CHENIST consultant or an entire team.

What we protect

Your Data

Data at rest and in transit is always in danger (both local and cloud). Does your clients like that?
Don't worry. We help you protect it!

Your Ecosystem

Securing your digital channels, operating systems and everything in between. Dance like nobody's watching; Protect like everyone is.

Your People

Educating to reduce the cyber risk. Together we can build your security knowledge because cybersecurity is everyone’s job.


We want to give our partners the knowledge, the tools and frameworks to make informed decisions by themselves to prevent abusive practices, improve Cyber Hygiene and protect against external threats.

Cybersecurity consulting

Design, optimize, and implement your security environment to create maximum protection and value for your investment.

Virtual DPO

Under the GDPR regulations you need a Data Protection Officer. Fortunately, you are allowed to have a virtual Data Protection Officer and reduce the costs.

Privacy and Anonymity

Privacy and anonymity are possible, even in the age of Big Data. You don't need to be a CEO, CFO, whistleblower, human rights activist, etc. to need this human right.

Data Loss Prevention

Comply with regulations by using DLP solutions so you can easily prevent data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data.
Ask us how we can help.

Virtual CISO

A "Chief Information Security Officer" is the executive responsible for the organization's entire security posture. A virtual CISO (vCISOs) is something that you need to enhance your cybersecurity strategy and infrastructure.

Digital Risk Management

You depend more than ever on digital business transformation and this introduces new and unknown risks. Let's work together on that.

Internal hackathons

A hackathon on cybersecurity can help your organization on many levels. Think about it as a playground for learning and improving against cyber risks.

Corporate Social

We are investing in future generations by offering the chance to develop new skills, meet other awesome experts and contribute to make the Earth a better space.
One example is the hackathon we do every year.

World Biggest Hackathon

NASA SpaceApps Challenge - is something we do because we care about Earth, space, people and technology.
In 2022 we develop the 6th edition.

Check our latest edition and contact us if you want to be partner for the next edition or to organize a hackathon for your employees.

Our core values

1. Reliability: we manage commitments, comunicate and finish on time
2. Transparency: is incorporated in our daily routines and communication
3. Simplicity: we identify the goals, obstacles and select the best strategy

Our Vision

At CHENIST, we have partners, not clients or customers. And we work together to co-design a more secure future.

Mission Statement

To provide superior services that delivers great value to our partners by focusing on their real needs. We value feedback and self improvement.

About us

Knowledge, tools and frameworks to help you

We are a group of passionate cybersecurity consultants, programmers, artists and business professionals focused on building strong security services.

Based in Europe, we are a small company but we have big plans and ambitions.

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